Look, Think, Talk – science activities for children


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Age Range:

Learners age 7-12.


Gaynor Weavers.


‘Exciting attention-grabbing activities to engage and inspire children.’

This eye-catching book and CD pack is filled with easy to use activities to encourage your children to observe, think and talk. Children will enjoy exploring and extending their ideas through a range of science investigations. All 21 imaginative science activities for children in the book use common household objects. You won’t need any expensive equipment! The CD contains all the printable activity sheets and resources needed for each activity.

There are 21 sections. Each section contains:

  • Stimulating science activities for children.
  • Guidelines for how to use the activities.
  • Suggestions for what the learning outcomes might be.
  • How to recognise children’s thinking and learning.
  • Illustrations of children’s responses.
  • Active Assessment strategies to use as extension activities.

You can click through the images above to see a sample section of the book.

Engaging science activities for children.

Made you look, made you think, made you talk is full of ideas for science lessons in Key Stage 2. All the activities can be done with cheap household items and minimal preparation time. Gaynor’s imaginative approach to science is sure to grab children’s attention. Try finding colorful caterpillars to teach adaptation or designing an edible poster to revise a topic. All these science activities for children help to teach the science curriculum.

Active Assessment.

This book makes assessment for learning in science manageable for children. Each of the science activities includes key questions to ask and ways to record evidence of thinking and learning. The Active Assessment extension activities combine learning and assessment in the classroom. This builds on the Active Assessment Science book. It has been adjusted for Key Stage 2 children. You may also be interested in Made you look, made you think, made you talk the first book and CD pack in this series, perfect for key Stage 1 learners. You can find out more about Gaynor Weavers here.