We are an international publisher of teaching resources and educational materials that aims to produce original ideas for teaching and learning. Our focus is predominantly on science education and STEM, though we also have a keen interest in cross curriculum resources that support everyday science and science links. To further this goal, we work with teachers all over the world to provide ideas, insight and inspiration for learners aged 4-19.  

Our books and digital resources cover a range of subjects including science, English, maths, music, history, geography and more. 

It is our aim to support the teaching community with effective, good quality resources and publications; as well as making a significant contribution to projects to promote public involvement in science.  

We are committed to producing relevant, factual and up to date publications for educators. All our publications are reviewed by a peer group of science experts, teachers, and professionals, to ensure everything we publish meets our high standards. 

A little bit about our past … 

Millgate House Education Ltd.was established in 1996 by Brenda Keogh and Stuart Naylor. They created the highly popular Science Concept Cartoons which gained a national and international reputation for their originality and simple carton-style drawings they generated discussion around science misconceptions. You can read more about Science Concept Cartoons in Stuart Naylor’s article from ASE’s School Science Review Journal: Talking and thinking using concept cartoons: what have we learnt?  

Although Brenda passed away in 2013, she leaves a legacy that continues to have an influence today. 

In September 2017, the Association for Science Education acquired Millgate House Education, cementing the long-standing relationship that the two organisations had enjoyed for many years. Together we continue to further the goal of promoting excellence in science education through the sourcing of authors dedicated to sharing good teaching practice via innovative resources across a diverse range of subjects. 

 In 2021 Millgate House Education began trading as Millgate Publishing as part of a rebrand with the launch our new website which we hope showcases our publications and gives improved functionally to our customers.