Inside Animals


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Highly Commended for ASE Book of the Year 2022!

Inside Animals is a gorgeous 64 page hardback with incredible illustrations and features mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects.

Did you know that a frog can stop its heart from beating? Or that an elephant’s tooth is heavier than a brick? Or that the brain of an ostrich is smaller than its eyeball?

21 cross-sections show how skeletons, organs, nerves and muscles fit together inside creatures from across the globe. Each creature has its own unique body to help it survive and thrive in the wild, such as the honey stomach in a honeybee or the ink sac of an octopus.

Inside Animals features mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects.

‘Vibrantly coloured cross-sections reveal extraordinary and unexpected facts about more than 20 creatures, from the ink sac of an octopus to the honey stomach of a bee.’ ― The Bookseller

…‘Whoas’ are practically guaranteed… If there were ever a nonfiction book that kids would sneak under the covers after bedtime, it’s this wild tome. ― Parents Magazine Published On: 2021-08-01


‘So many fascinating facts are squeezed into this factual picture book.’ ― ReadingZone

Format: HardbackAge Range: 5-8 years
Author: Barbara TaylorIllustrator: Margaux Carpentier

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