Let’s talk about animals – a guide to teaching about animals and their lifestyles


A guide for primary teachers learning and teaching about animals and their lifestyles.

This publication and accompanying downloadable resource pack of 24 engaging activities aims to support children’s learning about animals and their lifestyles in primary classrooms. It does this by:

  • providing a rich and engaging set of activities
  • creating opportunities for discussion and debate
  • motivating children to find out more about animals and their lifestyles
  • providing a focus, a context and a purpose for learning
  • creating opportunities for self, peer and teacher formative assessment.

We recognise that animals and their lifestyles is a challenging area to teach, so we have ensured that the nature and style of the activities addresses these challenges. Each activity will help children to:

  • become more aware of what they already know and of areas of uncertainty or disagreement with their peers
  • discover patterns and relationships that link animals and their lifestyles together
  • extend their range of examples of animals and their lifestyles that illustrate these patterns and relationships
  • develop understanding of some fundamental biological concepts
  • develop their research skills through structured, systematic and purposeful activities
  • enhance their science enquiry skills in non-practical settings.

Let’s talk about evolution is the perfect accompaniment to Let’s talk about animals.

Age Range: 7-11

Format: Paperback

Authors: Stuart Naylor & Tricia Budd

ISBN: 9780863574627


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