ASE Guide To Secondary Science Education 4th Edition


The 4th edition of this flagship ASE title aims to be a handbook to support science teachers and those working with them in and out of school, both at the start of their teaching careers and in years to come.

This updated edition has been written for all those involved in secondary school science education. It aims to be a handbook to support science teachers and those working with them in and out of school, both at the start of their teaching career and in years to come. All the authors are writing from a UK perspective, with examples often being drawn from classrooms in England. However, the good practice described here is valid and applicable to the majority of contexts across the UK, and indeed the world, and therefore should be useful to science educators from a broad set of backgrounds.

This book covers a wide range of topics, from considering why and how we might teach science, to engaging and motivating the diverse student community with whom we work, to how to mentor new colleagues. Some of the chapters offer an engaging overview of important theoretical ideas, which form a key part of our professional knowledge as teachers. Other chapters are more focused on developing strategies to use in the classroom. All the chapters offer opportunities for teachers at various stages in their careers to question and reflect on their practice in order to continue their professional learning, including suggested further reading as and when the reader might want to pursue ideas in greater depth.

Divided into five sections: Foundations of science education; Students: all learning science; Science teachers: synthesising learning; Assessing science; and Science teaching as a profession, chapters include:

  • Aims and approaches to good science educatio
  • The nature of science and the nature of school science
  • Educational neuroscience and the brain
  • Primary science and the implications for secondary science teachers
  • Educating students for the world: the role of emotions in learning science
  • Planning for motivation and engagement
  • Students as active learners of science
  • Planning for student understanding and behaviour for learning
  • Inclusion
  • Equality and diversity
  • Creativity in teaching science
  • Thinking about practical work
  • Science outside the classroom: using a pedagogical framework
  • Mathematics in science teaching
  • Enhancing the teaching of science with ICT
  • Language and talk in science education
  • Literacy in science: a platform for learning
  • A potted history of AfL in science
  • Using data to inform science teaching
  • International assessment of science
  • Developing professional practice
  • Mentoring and supporting new colleagues
  • Leading science education in a secondary school science department
  • Health and safety in science


Format: Paperback

Authors: Indira Banner & Judith Hillier

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