The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions


The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions tackles the weird and wonderful questions that pop into kids’ heads right before they fall asleep, making it the perfect book to delve into before bed!

Have you ever not been able to concentrate because there are SO many questions buzzing round your brain? It offers answers to the most bamboozling questions and curious queries that you can think of.

How many stars are in the night sky? Why don’t animals wear clothes? Do plants have feelings?

This book will define, debunk and demystify the trickiest of questions and even open your eyes to questions you have never even thought of!

With engaging and accessible text and accompanied by exciting, inviting illustrations, The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions is the perfect bedside companion to delve into when you are wondering if there really is an answer to everything.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Why does rain smell rainy? How do cats squeeze into the smallest of boxes? Why do we need two ears? Why are bubbles always round? Could I ever touch a rainbow? Why can’t I remember being a baby?

Author: Isabel ThomasFormat: Hardback
Illustrator: Aaron CushleyPublisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Additional information

Weight0.658 kg
Dimensions285 × 0.18 × 207 cm

Story Book, New, ASE Book of the Year, Primary

Age Range

5-8, 0-5



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