Science Concept Cartoons Set 2




Age Range: 10-16

Format: Paperback or Pdf/Powerpoint files

Authors: Jo Moules, Jo Horlock, Stuart Naylor & Brenda Keogh

ISBN: 9780956264888


Please note: The Concept Cartoons in the book are black and white and those in the Pdf/Powerpoint files are in colour

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Millgate House Education presents Science Concept Cartoons Set 2, a resource to intrigue, provoke discussion and stimulate scientific thinking. Effectively revealing and challenging learners’ ideas, Concept Cartoons are motivating, easy to use and really make a difference. This new resource for Chemistry, Biology and Physics covers topics including earth and space, living things and their environments and physical and chemical changes. There is also a chapter on environmental issues such as renewable energy and pollution.

Concept Cartoons are designed to introduce science concepts in everyday settings. Each character has a different opinion about science being discussed. All of the possible answers are plausible and highlight common learner misconceptions. Learners are invited to join in with the discussion happening in the Concept Cartoon. This can be in the from of a vote, group discussion or class debate. Each Concept Cartoon includes ideas for finding out about the science concept in question.

The book and electronic files contain 156 Concept Cartoons covering the main areas of science. Background text, written in pupil-friendly language, is available for each Concept Cartoon. This suggests possible follow up activities and explains the science behind the different alternatives. A blank speech bubble on each Concept Cartoon encourages learners to add additional ideas.

Science Concept Cartoons Set 2 is complimented by Science Concept Cartoons Set 1,  created to cover science topics in Key Stage 2 and 3.

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