Grappling with Graphs: A guide for teachers of 11-16 science


The purpose of Grappling with Graphs: A guide for teachers of 11-16 science is to provide CPD for teachers and enable them to apply research on graphs into their practice. The book is split into two parts:

  • Section A contains a summary of the research, common misconceptions and how to teach both construction and interpretation of graphs.
  • Section B contains student-focused activities, which have been broken down into key skills. (When you purchase the book you will also receive these as a seperate downloadable resource pack!)

Grappling with Graphs: A guide for teachers of 11-16 science has been inspired by the popular Getting to Grips with Graphs (1999) by Anne Goldsworthy, Rod Watson and Valerie Wood-Robinson, originally created for children aged 9-13 as part of the AKSIS project. It also builds upon The Language of Mathematics in Science (2016), by putting research and mathematical approaches to graphing into context for science teachers.

A book I wish I could have read when still teaching in the classroom. I have always “got” graphs myself, so hadn’t realised how difficult students can find them. Helen Harden (Science Curriculum Specialist)

Dive into “Grappling with Graphs” – a must-read for science and maths teachers alike. This comprehensive and brilliantly crafted book collaboratively enhances students’ and staff’s graph-drawing and interpretation skills. An invaluable resource for fostering a deeper understanding of graphs, making it essential for any teacher committed to excellence in teaching science and mathematics. A very well thought-out and practical book, full of useful tasks and information. Naomi Bartholomew-Millar (Head of STEM faculty & Education Consultant)

About the Authors of Grappling with Graphs:

Amanda Clegg is a school improvement consultant with over thirty years of science teaching experience. She is a qualified coach and is passionate about supporting leaders at middle and senior levels to bring about sustainable changes. Amanda has a keen interest in working with colleagues to help ensure that practical work is meaningful, purposeful and engaging and has enjoyed supporting schools for many years as a Senior Practical Adviser.  She is an accredited Senior CPD and online-learning facilitator who delivers bespoke training both locally, nationally and internationally for both primary and secondary audiences. Amanda is one of the award-winning authors of KS3 Science Now.

Karen Collins is an educational consultant with over 20 years of science teaching experience. She is a Chartered Educational Assessor, passionate about maths in science and purposeful practical work. Karen is an author of primary and secondary resources, who has devised and delivered training to large groups of teachers and school leaders through her work with organisations such as STEM Learning and PiXL. Karen is also one of the award-winning authors of KS3 Science Now.

Author: Amanda Clegg and Karen CollinsFormat: Paperback + PDF Resource Pack
Age Range: 11-16 years

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