Dinosaurs: 10 Things You Should Know


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Dinosaurs: 10 Things You Should Know – Travel back to the prehistoric world and discover the most fascinating parts of the lives of Earth’s most awe-inspiring creatures – the dinosaurs.

Dr Dean Lomax brings these prehistoric creatures to life in ten bite-sized essays, written for people short on time but not curiosity. Making big ideas simple, Dean takes readers on a journey to uncover what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur, what dinosaurs ate, how they evolved, what caused them to go extinct, and more!

Perfect for anyone fascinated by the dinosaur exhibits at museums, palaeontology and fans of Jurassic Park.

What others are saying:

‘A warp-speed tour of dinosaurs, with an expert guide’PROF. STEVE BRUSATTE, bestselling author of The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs


‘A fun, speedy read for grown-ups who love dinosaurs – a great way to get into the subject’ PROF. MICHAEL BENTON, author of The Dinosaurs Rediscovered


‘An eminently accessible read…a perfect primer (or refresher) for dino fans and newbies, yet doesn’t skimp on the fascinating details that make 21st-century palaeontology so vibrant’DR REBECCA WRAGG SYKES, author of Kindred


About the author

Dean’s passion for palaeontology stems from a childhood fascination with everything dinosaur. His career has taken what some consider an unconventional route and 18, he sold many of his possessions to fund a trip to excavate dinosaurs in America, then immersed himself in research and writing scientific papers and books.

Over the years, his academic research was recognised at such a high standard that he became affiliated with The University of Manchester as a ‘Visiting Scientist’ in 2013. He then completed a postgraduate MPhil degree and eventually a PhD in palaeontology, despite not having an undergraduate degree. With his self-taught background he likes to think that his journey is quite remarkable and that it hopefully inspires others to pursue their dreams.

Here’s a short documentary about Dean’s career, presented by the very talented Ben G. Thomas.


Keynote Mary Anning V2Mary Anning – A fossil hunter’s story

Dean Lomax is acknowledged for his insight and advice towards the project: Mary Anning – A fossil hunter’s story: which explores the life of Mary Anning. Is a set of teaching and learning resources, and professional learning strategies, for teachers of children aged 9-11 years to support their knowledge and understanding of the big ideas of fossils and evolution, the nature of scientific enquiry and the strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge.


Other books by Dean Lomax: Locked in Time and Prehistorci Pets (Book of the year 2021 shortlist!)

Format: PaperbackISBN: 9781841884943
Author: Dean Lomax 

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