Science Enquiry Games 11-14 – secondary science enquiry skills


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Age Range:

Suitable for pupils age 11-14


Bob Ponchaud & Anne Goldsworthy


‘Students have never had so much fun learning about science enquiry.’

Science Enquiry Games is an inspiring and motivating resource designed to help students in secondary schools develop and consolidate their understanding of science enquiry. The photocopiable book contains 9 strategies that can be used in various ways to help students review and develop science enquiry skills. Each strategy is based around games where students get actively involved. At least two alternative approaches are presented for each strategy (e.g. children moving around the room version, or play on table top version).This book and CD-ROM pack is perfect for teachers who want to teach skills effectively while keeping their class actively engaged.

Secondary Science Enquiry Skills.

We all know how important it is to teach students secondary science enquiry skills. We also know how games can motivate students and enhance learning. Science Enquiry Games is full of great ideas for teaching and revising secondary science enquiry skills using games. There is a variety of exciting games on offer. Each one is created to help children learn different secondary science enquiry skills. From science vocabulary to why it is important to take repeat readings, each aspect of science enquiry is covered in these fun activities.Consise teacher’s notes are included for each game. They tell you:

  • What it is.
  • Why it is important.
  • How to use the game in different ways.
  • How to apply ideas through additional activities.

Electronic (PDF) versions of all resources needed to play the highly active games are included on the accompanying CD.

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