Working with Glass


School and College Laboratory Technicians’ Guide


Age Range: 11-16+

Author: ASE Science Laboratory Technicians Committee

Format: Looseleaf

ISBN: 9780863573422

Build your own handbook of operating procedures with these ready punched loose-leaf packs.

The guide provides a set of procedures for those working with laboratory glass.

Shrink-wrapped and ready punched packs that you can place in your own A4 ring binder.

1 – Introduction
2 – What is Glass (composition and structure)
3 – Logistics (buying, storing, cleaning, disposing, control and remedial measures)
4 – Some Basic Procedures
• Cutting and flame-polishing glass rod and tubing
• Making a teat pipette
• Making a Pasteur pipette
• Bending glass tubing or rod
• Making stirrers
• ‘Drilling’ a hole in a rubber bung
• Inserting glass tubing (or a thermometer) through a rubber bung
• Blowing a hole in a test tube
• Inserting wire into glass tubing
• Repairing chipped glassware
• Procedure template
5 – Projects
• Making a delivery tube
• Gas preparation equipment

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Price Range

£6.00 – £20.00


Secondary, Further/Higher Education


The Association for Science Education



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