Trees and Fungi Identification Guides Set of 3 – Common fungi, dispersal of fruits and seeds, trees & shrubs




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Lyn Merrick

Discover the natural world with attractive guides which will help you, your family, school or organisation, to identify and appreciate the wonderful wildlife in your local environment.

The guides are A3 laminated and folded identification keys, they enable identification using easy to follow key questions with clear illustrations that are attractive to study.

Common fungi

Side 1: fungi with caps and stems; caps with either: gills, pores or teeth
Side 2: fungi without caps and stems. Fungi shaped as: shelf-shaped, branched, blob-shape, cup-shaped, ball-shaped, club-shaped

Dispersal of fruits and seeds

Side 1: shows fruits with wings, fruits with hairs, fleshy and coloured fruits and pepperpot shaped fruits.
Side 2: shows pods or cones, simple shapes, fruits that are light and buoyant, large and hard and hooked or sticky.

Trees and shrubs

Side 1: shows use of keys to identify trees and shrubs with variations on an oval leaf shape
Side 2: is for identifying trees and shrubs with other leaf shapes

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