The Problem with Plastic




Age Range:

7-11 years


Ruth Owen

An inspirational call to action for all young conservationists, The Problem With Plastic combines nature, science, beautiful photography and a fact-packed handbook. Kids worldwide care about this issue and this new book gives them the information they need and practical solutions they can put into action today.
What are the issues? What can you do? And can we clean-up and save our oceans for the wonderful animals that call them home? This book is bursting with information and ideas that answer all three questions.
Fuelling a new wave of scientific thinkers with a genuine concern for the planet, animals and community, our book, The Problem With Plastic, is being used more and more in science lessons and cross curricula teaching, getting children to consider how they could react in light of the plastic pollution crisis. With the Blue Planet 2 and ‘David Attenborough effect’, people are talking more and wanting to learn about plastic pollution and what they can do. This book informs and engages without preaching or condescending, bringing scientific thinking into the everyday.




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