The Beach Book


Age Range: 7-11

Format: Paperback

Author: Jo Schofield , Fiona Danks

ISBN: 9780711235779


You don’t need to live right on the water’s edge to have fun at the beach! The Beach Book is all about finding wild places at the seaside, as well as by lakes and rivers and making the most of opportunities to explore and enjoy all these places have to offer.

You can have fun:
• Discovering beach wildlife (e.g. rock pooling, crabbing and fishing or making a rock-pool viewer) and exploring sand dunes and beach combing.
• Making the most of lakes and rivers by foraging, damming and diverting streams and boat racing.
• Using natural resources to play and invent new games (e.g. stone Jenga and skittles, ball runs and boules or funny face games.
• Being creative (e.g. making driftwood monsters, marram grass dolls and creating sand paintings).

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Fiction & non-fiction, Cross Currricular


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