That Sounds Good To Me – primary school singing resources


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Age Range:

Learners age 4-11


Karen Kirkland.


‘These are original, fun, humorous songs providing witty lyrics, catchy tunes and exciting accompaniments’


Karen Kirkland is a professional musician and teacher with over 30 years experience. ‘That sounds good to me’ is a pack of humorous primary school singing resources about animals. Pick a one off song or build your own class or school performance using these versatile songs. Catchy tunes and exciting instrumentation, these songs are fun to sing, combining two elements that children love – animals and humour. Catchy tunes and exciting instrumentation make these songs fun to sing. Each song demonstrates a different musical style. They also use challenging two and three part harmonies to help build team spirit through working with and listening to each other. Primary school singing resources are excellent for differentiated learning. This set of primary school singing resources were originally written for a project called Shropshire Sings, an annual event involving over two thousand children aged 4 to 11 years and their teachers. The group came together for a mass performance of the songs that they have been working on throughout the year.This pack of primary school singing resources contains two CDs. CD one contains 10 songs, each has a vocal version and a separate backing track. All of the songs have optional two or three part harmonies to help develop listening skills and working as a team, and to provide a challenge for older children. CD two has PDF versions of the piano music and parts for guitar with melody. It also has beautifully illustrated lyric sheets suitable for non-music and music specialists. Print off as required or load on to any laptop and use on the classroom white board. Theses songs are an excellent resource for differentiated learning.

Primary School Singing Resources

Singing is not something that is restricted to music lessons. The use of music as a cross curriculum educational tool is well documented. Teachers can use singing to support different subjects across the curriculum, including science, English, language, art, drama, geography, history and maths. Songs are an engaging stimulus and starting point for many activities, inspiring creativity across all learning.

Song details

The title track “That sounds good to me” explores the imaginary world of animals starting with the witty earwig. Meet the sophisticated very cool “Mister Mole”, the graceful and elegant “Lord and Lady Swan”, the exotic but very lazy gecko, and the sly, mischievous snake. Go fishing with the jazzy groove of a calypso, jig along to an Irish reel with the cheeky mouse. Swing through the tree tops with the orangutan, play hide and seek and count to ten with the silly ostrich and then enjoy the antics of the donkey at Grandma’s house. Enjoyable, simple tunes and lyrics with optional parts for differentiated learning make this a fantastic, versatile resource for the classroom, school choir, community choir, singing workshops and festivals.You may also be interested in Karen Kirkland’s other packs of primary school singing resources. You could try A Snowman Winked at Me, a set of songs about Christmas, or The Wonders of the Sea, a set of songs about the seaside.