Talking and Doing Science in the Early Years

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A practical guide for ages 2-7

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Talking and Doing Science in the Early Years introduces the simplest form of the principles and the big ideas of science and provides a starting point for encouraging children to have an interest and experiential understanding of basic science and engineering. It shows you how you can support young children in exploring everyday phenomena and develop their scientific language skills through readily available resources and hands-on experiences. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of science and includes:

a summary of the ‘big ideas’ to refresh your own scientific knowledge; numerous activities that encourage young children to observe, question and carry out their own investigations; a useful list of everyday resources and relevant vocabulary.

Providing a wealth of exciting, meaningful ways to promote scientific experiences and learning, this highly practical book will help you to build on children’s natural curiosity about the world and develop their understanding through your everyday provision in early years settings and at home.

Contents of Talking and Doing Science in the Early Years
1. About the book; 2. Background to early years science; 3. Resources, language and skills for everyday science; 4. Living things – ourselves; 5. Other living things – animals; 6. Other living things – plants; 7. Other living things – fungi, bacteria and algae; 8. Forces – pushes and pulls; 9. Structures; 10. Changes; 11. Materials; 12. The built environment; 13. Outside – the natural environment: soils, sky, weather

Young children are intuitive, emergent scientists – they observe, raise hypotheses, experiment and notice patterns. Most of our everyday actions at home and in other settings, inside and outside, have a scientific basis and it is through these early experiences that children formulate their ideas about the world in which we live.

Age Range: 0-7

Author: Sue Dale Tunicliffe

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780415690904

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