Simple steps to teaching dance + FREE Concept Cartoons talking sport and fitness


A step-by-step guide for teaching dance at primary school.


Age Range: 5-11

Format: Primary

Author: Claire Pring

ISBN: 9780863574603


Simple Steps to Teaching Dance

‘Simple steps to teaching dance’ uses themes frequently seen in primary schools, each of which has a series of lesson plans in a simple step-by-step format. These enable the children to work independently or in a team, give and receive feedback as well as analyse the work of others but most of all to stimulate their imaginations!
This book has everything you need from simple tips to exploring dance movement.

The 12 chapters contain a host of lessons for all ages of primary children. Suggestions for music are included and also cross-curricular extension activities. It really is the definitive guide to teaching dance.

Concept Cartoons Talking Sport and Fitness – electronic download

This set contains over 40 Concept Cartoons covering all aspects of sport and fitness including nutrition and healthy eating, competitive sport, the history of sport and how to train effectively for different sports. There are also cross-curricular links such as the maths behind optimum throwing angles for discus and javelin.

Background text, written in pupil-friendly language, is provided. This suggests possible follow up activities and explains the science behind the different alternatives.



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