Roller-coaster Ride Around the Body


A body book with a difference! Get on the roller-coaster ride for a visually-led, fast-paced treat, with rhythmic text and wacky illustrations by CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal nominees.

Jump on board and take a ride around the human body on our read-aloud, rollicking rollercoaster. Created by CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal nominees Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow, prepare to take your inquisitive youngster on a visually led, fast-paced rhythmic trip, from bones to muscles, feelings to sleep. This book is bursting with energy and fun – the perfect way to introduce your enthusiastic little one to a key school topic.

Roller-coaster Ride Around the Body has been designed to promote learning through imagination and humour, building visual and auditory memory, in addition to stimulating questioning and enquiry skills. It is particularly suitable for reading together with pre-school children, individually and in groups, and as a starting point for physical-led expression.


Shortlisted: ASE Book of the Year Award 2017


Age Range: 0-7

Format: Hardback

Authors: Gabby Dawnay


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ASE Book of the Year, Biology, Fiction & non-fiction

Age Range

0-5, 5-7

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£6.00 – £20.00


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