Problem Pup

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Learners age 4–7.


Kate Blacklock, Jan Childe & Debbie Eccles.


‘Problem Pup is irresistible to children.’

The Problem Pup interactive CD-ROM and optional accompanying puppet from Millgate House Education offers a whole new way to use stories to introduce science concepts. Using stories to introduce science problems is guaranteed to engage young learners in science exploration.

In the introduction the children learn that Problem Pup lives with Sam, Serena and their Nana. He is always finding tricky problems that Sam and Serena have to try and help him solve. The CD consists of 6 beautifully animated and narrated stories, which all end with Sam and Serena setting a science problem for children to solve.

Each story covers a different science topic including materials, light and shadow, minibeasts and floating and sinking. Each science topic is contextualised in an everyday situation that children will be familiar with. For example, when Problem Pup outgrows his basket and needs a new comfy place to sleep Sam and Serena ask questions that lead into a science investigation about materials.

After each story there are ideas for free exploration, directed play and key questions and vocabulary, accessible through extra screens on the CD. Printable planning boards accompany the stories to help children structure their investigations. There are also teachers’ notes for each story which explain and health and safety considerations, suitable investigation equipment and how to use the puppet to support the children carrying out the practical investigation.

The Problem Pup hand puppet is based closely on the character in the stories. It is suitable for young children’s hands and can also be used by adults. Having the puppet helps to bring the character in the story alive and helps children to share their ideas about how to solve the problems.