The Adventures of Polo the Bear – a story of climate change



Age Range:

Learners age 8 and above


Alan Hesse

This beautifully illustrated and humerous comic-style book is a must have for anyone interested in climate change, its effects and what can be done to prevent it.

A young polar bear set adrift on a melting iceberg is eventually cast into the sea, where he has the good fortune of taking possession of a small boat. Drifting with the currents and at the mercy of storms but also helped along his way by sympathetic humans, the bear makes his journey around the world, and witnessess not ony the impacts of climate change but also the actions being implemented for mitigation and adaptation. Towards the end of his journey ‘Polo the Bear’ has become a global superstar, the honoured guest of governments, and a determined activist for biodiversity and climate change.

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