The Nature Timeline Wallbook


Age Range: 7-14

Format: Poster Book

Author: Christopher Lloyd

ISBN: 9780993284793


The complete story of natural history in 1,000 species on a 2m-long fold-out timeline beginning with the formation of the Earth to the latest breakthroughs in evolutionary science.

Explore life on earth with the most visually stunning timeline of evolution ever created, stretching back 4 billion years to the first signs of life in the seas. Then witness the emergence of multi-cellular life, the colonisation of the land, the reign of dinosaurs, mass extinctions, the migration of mammals and finally, the story of humanity from the first two-legged hominids to a world populated by more than 7 billion people today.

The Nature Timeline Wallbook includes a 2 metre tear-out wall display timeline, more than 30 newspaper articles, a 50-question quiz and a pocket magnifier. Perfect for 7-14 year olds but equally fascinating for adults of all ages. Created in partnership with experts at the Natural History Museum.

This beautiful wallbook is the perfect accompaniment to Let’s talk about evolution and Let’s talk about animals


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Biology, Fiction & non-fiction


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