My Mummy is a Scientist




Age range:

Learners age 3+


Kerrine Bryan, Jason Bryan and Marissa Peguinho.

This book introduces children to the varied world of science. It aims to not only educate but also inspire!

This rhyming picture book is all about a Mummy’s work as a Scientist. From understanding the workings of the body, to studying the stars; this book covers many areas of science!

Butterfly Books.

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and Butterfly Books hopes to transform the way in which youngsters perceive various careers. In addition, The Butterfly Effect refers to the theory whereby a minute localised change in a complex system can have large affects elsewhere and this is the hope of Butterfly books.

The books will open children’s minds to the broad range of career options available to them when they are older, and can also be a fun way for parents to explain to their children what they do at work! We work closely with professional bodies to ensure that the content of the books is technically correct.
The books can be used to cover the ‘understanding the world’ area for EYFS pupils, and PSHE for KS1 pupils.

About the Authors.

The Authors are brother and sister duo Kerrine Bryan and Jason Bryan.

Kerrine is a chartered electrical engineer and is the founder of Butterfly Books. She has a passion for inspiring the young and introducing them to the career options available to them.

Jason has a background in finance and is a keen writer. Having a young daughter, he is concerned that children are not exposed to the range of opportunities available to them early enough in life.

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