The Molliebird: An Evolution Story



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Jules Pottle

Beautifully written and illustrated as a narrative poem, The Molliebird tells the story of natural selection.

Beautifully written as a narrative poem by PSTT Fellow Jules Pottle, and exquisitely illustrated by PSTT Fellow Rufus Cooper, The Molliebird tells the story of natural selection. After a natural disaster that leaves her badly camouflaged in her surroundings, the bright blue Molliebird becomes desperate for her babies to survive. She notices that brown baby birds thrive, and so tries painting herself brown in the hope that her babies will be born brown, and she is devastated when this does not work and has to think again …..

The Molliebird provides a highly engaging fictional context for discussion about evolution. The story skilfully supports teachers with how to identify and address children’s misconceptions about inheritance and changes within species. The free to download teacher’s handbook includes background information, additional supporting ideas and cross-curricular activities.

The teacher’s handbook to accompany The Molliebird is available as a free download here.

“If you don’t understand how evolution works, buy this book and your kids can explain it to you.” George McGavin


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