Maya – a journey through the Maya world



Age Range:

Learners age 5-14.



CPD Support:

CPD is available to support this resource – email Jo Williams for more information.

This interactive book takes children on a tour through the Maya world. Engaging activity sheets encourage children to investigate archaeology, Maya cities, Maya maths and Maya art. Simply hover a tablet or phone over the pages to watch players compete in the ancient game of Pok-ta-Pok or explore a 3D Maya pyramid. This series really does bring history to life! There are 9 ActiveWorksheets in this book. Each ActiveWorksheet develops a different primary history curriculum theme such as mapping the Maya or calendars. The ActiveWorksheets can be photocopied, and the trigger images will even work in black and white. The book includes a step-by-step teacher guide and a range of extension activities. There are also simple resource sheets to compliment the extension activities. Alongside this book is a free apps for Android and iOS. The app uses ActiveLens augmented reality technology to bring the pages of the book to life.

ActiveLens Series.

Experience History like never before with ActiveLens augmented reality books. Using the free app you can bring the page to life with interactive 3D models, animations and videos. We believe in blending technology seamlessly into the learning experience. With this in mind we created the ActiveWorksheet, a blend of the traditional worksheet and cutting edge augmented reality technology. Using the free apps for Android and iOS you can bring the worksheets to life with video, audio, 3D models and animations. Words can’t describe how powerful this new resource is, so watch our demonstration video here, or download the sample app today.

Also Available.

Maya is part of a BETT award winning new series of interactive history resources. Also available now is A journey through Prehistoric Britain. Future titles include Archaeology and Historical Figures for Key Stage 1.