In The Garden – choral sheet music





Composed by:

Karen Kirkland

Karen Kirkland is a professional musician and teacher with over 30 years experience in music education.” In the garden” is a humorous, fun song about mini beasts. It describes some of the creatures that you are likely to see if you play in the garden. Dotty ladybird, hungry beetle and scary spider are just a few of the creatures we may encounter. The catchy melody and repetition make this an easy song to learn.

This song is suitable for KS1 and KS2 and is perfect for introducing a topic on mini beasts. There is a full backing track available of this song, with or without vocals, on request. This song is part of a series of songs written for a project called “Shropshire sings” involving over 2000 KS1/2 children in Shropshire, and will be premiered at this event in July by Shropshire music service.

In the garden

Playing in the garden I can see
So many creatures waving at me.
Big ones, small ones, fat ones too.
Hope they don’t frighten me or you?

Mister worm where is your head?
Tell the birds its time for bed.
Big ones small ones slide underground
Hide away or you’ll be found.

Mrs Ladybird one two three.
So many dots that I can see.
Big ones small ones dots everywhere.
Lots of dots for us to share.

Mister beetle crunch, crunch, crunch.
Always time for lunch, lunch, lunch.
Big ones small ones munch, munch, munch.
What a hungry bunch, bunch, bunch.

Mister spider, scary, hairy.
Hanging like a big fat fairy.
Big ones small ones staring at me.
Please don’t eat me for your tea.

The use of music and singing as a cross curriculum educational tool is well documented. Teachers can use singing to support different subjects across the curriculum, including science, english, language, art, drama, geography, history and maths. Songs are an engaging stimulus and starting point for many activities, inspiring creativity across all learning. This song is a great starting point for a science project or a project on mini beasts. It’s also just fun to sing.

Suitable for KS1/2, junior choirs.
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