How To Teach Even Better


An Evidence-Based Approach (Oxford Teaching Guides)

Age Range: 5-16

Author: Geoff Petty

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780198414100

How to Teach Even Better: An Evidence-Based Approach explores what evidence-based teaching is, and most importantly, how teachers can the approach to their own practice effectively. Relating relevant research to classroom practice, Geoff Petty focuses on the practical strategies, techniques, and methods teachers need to help them teach even better.

A comprehensive introduction to the concept of evidence-based teaching covering the nitty-gritty of classroom strategies and teaching methods
Offers practical advice on how to implement an evidence-based approach
Demonstrates the practices that research shows work best for learning in schools
Draws on a wide range of international research, including the meta-studies of John Hattie and Robert Marzano
Provides invaluable support for trainees and classroom teachers, as well as senior leaders, in light of the growing call for more evidence-informed teaching in Primary and Secondary schools

Written by Geoff Petty, one of UK’s leading experts on teaching methods and best-selling author of Teaching Today, 5th edition How to Teach Even Better: An Evidence-Based Approach
Part of the Oxford Teaching Guide series – a range of practical, professional guides for teachers covering a wide range of key issues in school teaching

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