Great British Marine Animals 3rd Edition


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Great British Marine Animals (Third Edition) is an eye-opening celebration of the wonderful variety of animals that live in the seas around Britain.

These creatures are colourful and visually appealing, and also show amazing versatility in their behaviour and lifestyles. So many of them, even those that can seem mundane at first glance, have intriguing and surprising ways of getting food, defending themselves, reproducing and interacting with one another. Beautiful sea anemones seize their prey with superbly armed tentacles, seemingly invincible crabs hide away while shedding their armour suits to grow, inoffensive-looking starfish exert huge forces to open up mussels and some fish can simply change sex when the situation demands.

Great British Marine Animals is based on high quality underwater photographs and is designed to both aid identification of a wide range of common animals, and to give you an insight into their lives. It is written for anyone who loves the sea, enjoys exploring beaches or is interested in wildlife.


Age Range: 14-16+

Author: Paul Naylor

Format: Paperback

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Paul Naylor


Biology, Fiction & non-fiction

Age Range

14-16, 16+


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