Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet


From bestselling author and illustrator Kate Pankhurst, descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst, Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet is ‘smart, informative, inclusive and accessible’ book about trail-blazing women (Fiona Noble, The Bookseller). This time, it’s women who have been making decisions that have helped protect our natural world from way before it was on a political agenda. Discover their untold stories.

Tackle the plastic problem with Isatou Ceesay by recycling waste into beautiful objects. Marvel at the intelligence of chimpanzees with Jane Goodall. Learn why it’s important to shop fair trade and cruelty-free with Anita Roddick and The Body Shop. Resist devastating deforestation and plant seeds of change with Wangari Maathai.

We’re in an age when young people like Greta Thunberg are calling for those in power to ‘wake up’ and take action. But everyone has a part to play. Written with hope and encouragement, this book shows that all actions, big and small, can be powerful in the fight against climate breakdown.

Shortlisted: ASE Book of the Year Award 2020


Age Range: 7-14

Author: Kate Pankhurst

Format: Paperback


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Bloomsbury Children's Books



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£6.00 – £20.00


ASE Book of the Year, Fiction & non-fiction

Age Range

7-11, 11-14


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