English Concept Cartoons – BOOK



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Learners age 8-14


J Turner, C Smith, B Keogh & S Naylor.

Please note: the English Concept Cartoons book and Electronic download are sold separately.

Created by Brenda Keogh and Stuart Naylor, Concept Cartoons have been thoroughly researched in classrooms around the world. Simple cartoon-style drawings present learners with their own misconceptions and generate discussion and argument. They are remarkably easy to use in the classroom as a part of normal teaching.

Concept Cartoons are designed to introduce English concepts in everyday settings. Each character has a different opinion about the English being discussed. All of the possible answers are plausible and highlight common learner misconceptions. Learners are invited to join in with the discussion happening in the Concept Cartoon. This can be in the from of a vote, group discussion or class debate. Each Concept Cartoon includes ideas for finding out about the English concept in question.

The book contains 102 Concept Cartoons covering the main areas of English including, spelling, punctuation, grammar, language variation and styles of writing. Background text, written in pupil-friendly language, is available for each Concept Cartoon. This suggests possible follow up activities and explains the English behind the different alternatives. A blank speech bubble on each Concept Cartoon encourages learners to add additional ideas.

The book and the electronic download both contain the same Concept Cartoons and background information for teachers. The book can be used to photocopy the Concept Cartoons.


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