Cambridge International (CIE) Biology1- Student Workbook


Cambridge International Examimations for Biology A-Level Year 1/AS

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BIOZONE Logo442x100px Horizontal On WhiteThis title is suitable for students doing the AS/A Level first year of the course. Students doing the full A-Level course will also require this title together with its companion title Cambridge International A Level Biology Year 2 Student Workbook Cambridge International Biology 2.

BIOZONE’s Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology Year 1 Student Workbook has been written for the Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology 9700 course (first examination 2016).

Clear diagrams, explanations, and targeted learning outcomes drawn from the specification content accompany a variety of questions and tasks to create an innovative resource that encourages achievement in students of all abilities.

Cambridge International Biology Student Workbooks are well suited for classroom or homework use, independent study, review, exam preparation, and extension.

Chapter Titles
    • Advanced Practical Skills
    • Cell Structure
    • Biological Molecules
    • Enzymes
    • Cell Membranes and Transport
    • The Mitotic Cell Cycle
    • Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis
    • Transport in Plants
    • Transport in Mammals
    • Gas Exchange and Smoking
    • Infectious Disease
    • Immunity
CIE Biology 1 - Features 
Varied, Engaging ActivitiesProvide ample opportunity for students to explore and test their understanding of the specification content
Clear Specification MapThe workbook structure follows the specification, with a variety of engaging contexts providing relevance to today’s learners.
Scaffolded learningThe concept-based approach provides a scaffold for student learning. A wealth of illustrative examples support required content and build knowledge and skills.
Clear learning outcomesLearning outcomes outline the knowledge and skills that students must acquire, with additional guidance as appropriate.
Scientific literacy
Confidence is developed through targeted activities.
Chapter ReviewsStudent-generated chapter reviews provide opportunity for consolidation.
Unique Tab System
BIOZONE’s unique tab system identifies relevant online resources and connections to related concepts across the entire specification.

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