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You can now purchase back copies of ASE’s journal through Millgate. Both ASE members and non-members are welcome to order copies.

Non-members can now order physical or digital copies of Primary Science and School Science Review.

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Education in Science, Science Teacher Education and ASE International Journal are only available to members. Journal of Emergent Science is available open access on the ASE website.

ASE Members will receive a discount on additional journal copies (ASE members can access the current and archive issues of journals included with their membership online at:

ASE offer a suite of six journals:

Primary Science

This is a themed journal for all those involved in primary science education for children aged 3-12. It is a forum for sharing information and ideas and includes articles about teaching, learning and assessing science. Primary Science aims to spread good practice in primary science teaching and to help practitioners improve their background science knowledge and understanding and to keep up to date with curriculum developments and new resources. It provides an independent national and international perspective on primary science education.

School Science Review

This is a themed journal for science teachers in 11-19 education, and all those concerned with this area of education. Published quarterly, it has a number of elements. The largest is a diverse collection of peer-reviewed articles, ranging from astronomy to polar bonds, from bioethics education to writing up experiments co-operatively, from reviews of science education developments to using football and tennis as a context for physics. Teachers often turn first to Science Notes, which are short articles on classroom and lab practice.

Education in Science (Member Only)

ASE’s house magazine and four issues are published a year. It is a professional journal that shares information and expertise from science educators and the wider science education community including STEM and is the principal written form of communication for and amongst members of ASE.

Science Teacher Education (Member Only)

An ASE publication for all concerned with the pre-service education, induction and professional development of science teachers, including guidance for trainees in the classroom, a round up of the latest research affecting science education in the UK and overseas, news and book reviews.

Journal of Emergent Science (Open Access)

An ‘open access’ biannual e-journal designed to bridge the gap between research and practice. It complements the ASE’s professional journal, Primary Science, and is supported by the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT). Journal of Emergent Science focuses on research and the implications of research for practice and provision of science (including health, technology and engineering) for young children from birth to 11 years of age. Journal of Emergent Science welcomes contributions from its audience of early years practitioners, primary school teachers, teacher educators and researchers.

ASE International Journal (Member Only)

An online journal, which is available to all members of ASE. A mixture of previously published articles from the other ASE journals and original material concerning the teaching of science in a global sense, this e-journal is the main method of communication with our international colleagues.

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