Amazonas Comics – Issue 2


Age Range: Primary

Format: Comic

Authors: Amazonas Comics


Amazonas Comics celebrate the Amazon with fun-filled stories, games and information pages.

This is a great resource for introducing children to a diversity of subjects, including animal varieties, prey and predators, adaptation to environments and the impact of human activity on the environment.

These comics are the perfect way to introduce your class to the wonders of the Amazon and get them thinking about how we can protect not only this unique environment, but the wonderful planet Earth that we call home.


“The children liked to puzzles to solve and really enjoyed reading them during independent learning time. The children loved to share the comic with others and spoke very positively about them. It really engaged some reluctant readers.”

Jessica Drew, Westgate Academy, Lincoln


“We share them amongst the school (112 pupils) and they all enjoy them. After all classes have seen them, we keep some for future topic work, Rainforests, Animals, Environment etc and then the remaining comics are given to children to take home and share with their families.”

Lesley Burnett
Corringham Primary

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