Amazing Evolution: the Journey of Life



Age Range: 9 – 12

Format: Hardback

Author: Anna Claybourne

ISBN: 9781782406365


Amazing Evolution shines a light on the incredible process of evolution, from the beginnings of life, to the millions of different species alive today.

Evolution can be a difficult idea to wrap our brains around: it deals with random, unlikely events, combined with vast lengths of time too enormous to comprehend. But the evidence is all around us – in the fossils of long-dead creatures, and in our genes and the relationships between all living beings.

Amazing Evolution shines a light on this incredible process, from the beginnings of life around 3.8 billion years ago, to the millions of different species alive today, including the moon-walking, talking apes with super-powerful brains – human beings!

Filled with clear explanations, beautiful illustrations and fascinating facts about the planet’s strangest and most spectacular creatures, Amazing Evolution will keep children (and adults, too!) enthralled for hours.

Delve into the pages and learn what makes a fish a fish, why giraffes have such long necks and how all living things, from cabbages to tigers, are related!

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Fiction & non-fiction, Biology

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