A Snowman Winked At Me – primary school singing resources




Age Range:

Learners age 4-11.


Karen Kirkland.


‘These are original, fun, humorous songs providing witty lyrics, catchy tunes and exciting accompaniments.’


Karen Kirkland is a professional musician and teacher with over 30 years experience. ‘A snowman winked at me’ is a pack of primary school singing resources ideal for the Christmas season. Pick a one off song or build your own class or school performance using these versatile songs. Chose from a lovely mixture of traditional and modern themes with this pack of primary school singing resources. From gentle ballads to fun and catchy reels and marches this CD encompasses Christmas. It will be a firm favourite with children of all ages. Catchy tunes and exciting instrumentation make these songs fun to sing. Each song demonstrates a different musical style. They also use challenging two and three part harmonies to help build team spirit through working with and listening to each other. Primary school singing resources are excellent for differentiated learning.This pack of primary school singing resources contains two CDs. CD one contains 10 songs, each has a vocal version and a separate backing track. All of the songs have optional two or three part harmonies to help develop listening skills and working as a team, and to provide a challenge for older children. CD two has PDF versions of the piano music and parts for guitar with melody. It also has beautifully illustrated lyric sheets suitable for non-music and music specialists. Print off as required or load on to any laptop and use on the classroom white board. Theses songs are an excellent resource for differentiated learning.

Singing in School

Singing is not something that is restricted to music lessons. The use of music as an educational tool is well documented. Teachers can use these primary school singing resources to support different subjects across the curriculum, including science, English, language, art, drama, geography, history and maths. Songs are an engaging stimulus and starting point for many activities, inspiring creativity across all learning.

Primary School Singing Resources

The title track “A snowman winked at me” introduces a funny imaginary friend made from snow. A lovely humorous march suitable for early years, KS1 and 2. The ballad “A shining star” tells a more tradition story of Christmas. Easy two part harmonies, simple lyrics and a memorable tune, make this suitable for a church performance or school assembly. Everybody loves a fairy especially if she lives at Grandma’s house. This song set to a swing rhythm enters the imaginary world of the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. Suitable for all ages. “Hear the angels sing” is a beautiful traditional ballad telling the story of Mary and Jesus. This simple but beautiful song has also been arranged for four part choir, community and school choir and is available as sheet music. It is very popular with performers and audiences and is regularly performed and recorded by school and adult choirs. Problems getting children to sleep on Christmas Eve? Try the beautiful “Christmas lullaby” with its soothing tick tock counter melody. Three parts make this a more challenging song for older children. “My friend Santa” is a lively, jolly song about this lively, jolly man, with the option of two part harmonies, suitable for all ages. Everybody loves Santa. The wonderful gentle ballad “Little snowflake” with its beautiful guitar backing track and lovely thoughtful lyrics can be used in a solo, class or choir performance and will appeal to all ages. Capture the excitement of the traditional Christmas story with “Shhh what’s that?”. All ages will enjoy the antics of the mouse as he runs up and down his pole. The spanish paso beat will compliment any nativity play or stand alone performance. Everybody has a “Christmas list”. This accumulative song takes us through the week before Christmas. Don’t forget the “Grumpy donkey” who’s definitely not happy about what’s happening in his stable. A humorous twist on the traditional story seen through the eyes of the donkey. Suitable for all ages, this witty song can be used as a stand alone song or part of a Christmas play. There is something in this pack of primary school singing resources for all festive occassions!

Karen Kirkland, Millgate House Education’s resident composer, produces sheet music and singing/instrumental resources for all occasions and abilities. Karen Kirkland is a professional musician, teacher and music education consultant with over 30 years experience in music education. She began her teaching career as a secondary school music teacher and is now a specialist music teacher and team leader with Shropshire Music Service. Karen teaches across all departments of the music service in both primary and secondary education. She is musical director and team leader for a variety of ensembles, choirs and community projects.

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