On Our Way – Choral sheet music





Composed by:

Karen Kirkland

“On our way” written by Karen Kirkland, is a lovely, positive song with a simple, memorable melody. The catchy chorus uses two part harmonies suitable for all abilities in the classroom or school, junior and community choirs. Perfect for year 5/6 leavers events and assembly.

This song is one of a series of songs for KS2. It was written especially for a project called “Shropshire Sings around the county”. The brief was to write some thing that was inspirational, positive, moving forward with a feel good factor. It has a positive rock beat and optimistic lyrics. A full vocal demo version and backing track for this song is available on request. The theme of the song is about the optimism of youth. With hard work and determination all can achieve. It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you are born, everybody can succeed. Children just need time to develop at their own pace. Don’t be scared of life, the future is very exciting. This optimism and positive vibe is enhanced by the lyrics and modern rock beat. An enjoyable song to perform and feedback from audiences has been very positive.

“Time is smiling down on me, like the sun upon my face.
Lots of expectation in this unforgiving place.
Sometimes it’s hard, big steps to climb but we can all achieve.

Just give us time, and then you’ll see how amazing we can be”.

Lots of rules and plans to shape, sometimes its chains we have to break.

On our way to who knows where. Exciting times for us to share.

We don’t care ( We don’t care)
What people say (what people say)
We’re on our way (We’re on our way)
To where it leads ( no one can say)

Watching people rushing by, we are all the same
It doesn’t matter where we are, there’s still so much to gain
just slow right down and look around, slow that clock right down
So much to see so much to do, we can work it through.

Big, small, short, tall, fat, thin, boy, girl
Rich, poor, loud, shy, all of us we can try.”

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