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Creativity and the Arts in Education

Posted: 12th Oct 2017

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“The role of education is to prepare children for a world that hasn’t been invented yet.” Karen Kirkland 2017 When I was at school, the role of a web designer or computer programmer didn’t exist. The world is so different now. We have 24/7 mobile technology that keeps us in touch with the world. Good…

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Let’s talk about data!

Posted: 4th Jan 2017

Data Sample Page Montage

Let’s talk about data was first conceived in response to the perpetual problem faced by many science teachers and leaders that we met. How to develop the skills needed for accurate and informative data handling. So often, data handling is taught as an aside to the very important process of developing science enquiry skills, but…

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Stop, stare, wonder and share with Smart Pickings

Posted: 4th Jan 2017

Smart Pickings Sample Page Montage

Ever looked at your children’s science books and thought ‘I did that when I was at school!’ or ‘That looks familiar!’… sometimes the life and work race we live through on a day to day basis can limit the amount of time we have to stop and stare. Stopping, starring, wondering, sharing and investigating are…

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Let’s talk about evolution

Posted: 3rd Oct 2016

Evolution and Inheritance has been on the primary school curriculum for over 12 months now, and the biggest concern seems to be how dry the curriculum content can be. But this doesn’t have to be the case – sometimes a new approach can make a real difference. How about teaching evolution through stories? It is…

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Concept Cartoons Blog Series: Using text to promote talk

Posted: 1st Mar 2016

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Jo Moules discusses some tried and tested, and completely new ways to use one of our most well known resources. Last time we talked about the tried and tested way of using Concept Cartoons, give pupils a cartoon to think about, discuss what they think, use the follow up activities to help them find out…

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