Active Assessment: thinking, learning and assessment in science (Book and site licensed CD)

Active Assessment in Science

Age Range:

Most suitable for pupils age 8-14, but can be used outside this age range


Stuart Naylor, Brenda Keogh with Anne Goldsworthy

CPD Support:

CPD that meets the TDA Standards is available as part of the Active Assessment project



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‘Everyone is talking about APP and Assessment for Learning. Active Assessment helps you to put them into practice. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s effective.’

Developed as part of Brenda Keogh and Stuart Naylor’s Active Assessment project that has transformed assessment in classrooms in the UK and beyond, this resource uses a highly creative approach to integrate assessment and learning in science lessons.

Thirty two different assessment strategies are illustrated through over 60 activity sheets. Highly interactive versions of the activities are included on the accompanying site licensed CD so that they can be printed out, used on a whiteboard and adapted for new contexts. Concise notes for each strategy explain:

  • what the approach is
  • how it can be used for assessment
  • how can be managed in the classroom
  • how it helps with learning
  • how it can be customised for use in your own teaching