Medium puppets

Age Range:

4 – 12 years old


N / A

CPD Support:

CPD for this resource can be made available at a subsidised cost through the PUPPETS Project CPD programme


£22.50 + £4.50 VAT

As used in the PUPPETS Project, these puppets are suitable for many uses in the classroom, including letting individual children give feedback, for use by children who are reluctant to share ideas, for groups to use to present ideas and for you to use to ask questions or pose problems to your class. Perfect for linking with Concept Cartoons to encourage talk.

Lightweight figurative puppets with working mouths. 24 inches (61cm) tall. Supplied with storage bag.

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Range of Muppet-mouthed puppets available - click the images to view large images


Choice of ‘Muppet-mouthed’ puppets
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