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Sunshine, Shadows and Stone Circles

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Learners age 8-13.


Bob Kibble.


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‘If you know Bob Kibble, this is him in a bottle; if you don’t you can still experience his engaging professional development through this resource. It’s brilliant.’

Sunshine, Shadows and Stone Circles is packed full of inspiration and ideas about how to teach night and day, light and shadows, time and change. This cross-curricular resource also covers curriculum areas such as: astronomy with mythology, history, landscape, geography, mathematics, technology and social responsibility. It has ideas of how to extend children’s learning through thinking, discussion, decision making, and creative writing. It comes with accessible teachers’ notes to support your planning and to help support your own understanding in this fascinating area of science.

Each activity in Sunshine, Shadows and Stone Circles is unique and engaging, including making a human sundial on the playground, singing songs about the sunset and designing your own personal stone circles.

The accompanying DVD contains supporting videos of Bob sharing ideas about using the resource, plus Activity Sheets and printable resources in PDF format, that will provide you with all the material and ideas you need to teach each lesson.

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