Evening of indulgence

This month we have been supporting Sandbach schools in organising a joint event for parents. PTS representatives are encouraging people to enjoy an evening of self indulgence and help Sandbach primary schools at the same time.

Happening on Friday 8th November, 7:30 – 9:30pm, this promises to be a fun night for parents to get a jumpstart on christmas shopping with local companies, enjoy a little pampering from local beauticians and spend time with friends.

Tickets are £4 in advance or £5 on the door and include a welcome drink. Email for more information.

Marathon Madness

On 6th October our office manager, Serena, will be running the Chester Marathon. So far Serena has run over 1000 miles in training alone! Serena is running, running and running for Cystic Fibrosis Trust because more funds means more research. You can find out more about Serena’s challenge here or follow us on twitter for regular updates.

ASE Summer Celebration 2013

It is only a few weeks until the ASE Summer Conference and a programme full of inspirational sessions begins. We can be found at Stand AS5, running drop-in sessions with our authors and a ‘Dear Doctor’ display where you can post, and respond to, questions regarding all aspects of science education.

On Thursday 27th June at 11:30am Stuart Naylor will be presenting the primary keynote ‘Teachers are impressive…’

On Friday 28th June at 9:30am Brenda Keogh and Jane Turner will be discussing ‘The New Primary Science National Curriculum – issues and actions’ and at 11:00am Stuart Naylor will be presenting ‘School science: challenging perceptions.’

Our sessions at the ASE Annual Conference were reviewed as thought provoking, interactive, engaging and motivating. Come along to one of our summer sessions and see for yourself!

ASE Annual Conference 2013

The Association for Science Education turns 50 next year. To celebrate we are offering some very special discounts for all delegates attending the ASE Annual Conference 2013. To get your hands on a set of vouchers for Millgate House resources, click here.

We will also be running a competition during the conference. Visit us on stand DS86 and put your name down for a chance to win a primary or secondary resource bundle worth over £150!

NZASE Science Conference – July 2012

Stuart Naylor was invited to speak at this year’s SciCon in Auckland, New Zealand. At an exciting time in science education as the New Zealand Curriculums are implemented, Concept Cartoons and Active Assessment were well received.

The conference theme was “Making Connections” with a focus on connecting teachers from primary to tertiary, researchers, scientists and companies that produce resources for science education.

If you attended the conference and would like more information about our research and resources click here, or if you would like to place an order, please click here.

Searching for sporting inspiration in The ASE Primary Science Journal – June 2012

‘Miss, what’s the best way for me to throw the ball?’ You are out on the school field organising a rounders match when Jan asks this question. ‘Am I supposed to throw it low and hard, like you showed us with the Frisbee? Or do I throw it much higher, like we see people on the TV when they throw the shot or the hammer? Which is best?’ Benda Keogh and Stuart Naylor explore ways to investigate this question in their latest article for The ASE Journals. This is just one of the questions explored in our brand new resource Concept Cartoons- Talking sport and fitness, which explores links between sport and science, history, geography and ethics.

To receive you four free samples, or to find out more about this resource click here. Or, to read the article in full, click here.

Millgate House Education sponsor 3rd Journal of Emergent Science – June 2012

We are pleased to announce that JES3 has been published and is available on the ASE website. The JES is an e-journal published by the Emergent Science Network in collaboration with ASE. This professional research journal places a focus upon science for young children from birth to eight years of age. The latest issue is sponsored by Millgate House Education and guest edited by Brenda Keogh and Stuart Naylor. JES 3 includes a variety of articles, including an investigation into Learning science in small groups: the role of age and interactions, and a look at Using photobooks to encourage young children’s science identities.

To find out more about The Journal of Emergent Science, visit this website. Alternatively, if you are interested in subscribing to the JES, please click here.

Ricky Explores… Sport and Fitness – May 2012

Are you looking for a new way to engage children in science? The Ricky Explores… blog is an exciting and novel way for schools to carry out science investigations. It is a completely free online resource that can be used by children, families and teachers.

Last week Ricky visited the Olympic Torch; he met so many interesting people and came up with lots of questions to investigate. With the help of police officers and St John’s Ambulance staff, he learned all about organising a big party like the relay. It sounded like hard work!

Ricky can’t wait to find out more about this year’s sporty summer. Starting with the Olympic Torch Relay, he will be exploring all things sport and fitness. So start exploring today – Ricky can’t wait to meet your class online!

Look, Think, Talk – Available Now!

‘Attention grabbing activities to engage and inspire.’

Gaynor Weavers’ series of simple, stimulating activities to make children look, think and talk is now available for Key Stage 2. It includes details on preparing and using each activity, looking for evidence of thinking and learning, and ideas for extension activities. Look, Think, Talk shows how to use Active Assessment strategies to promote talk, reveal understanding and advance learning.

For more information, click here or sign up to our newsletter to recieve your free preview chapter.

Kick Off, Denmark – April 2012

‘‘Thanks a lot for your wonderful contribution to the kick off conference!’ – Karen Gemal

Last week Stuart attended the Kick Off 2012 conference in Denmark to present Concept Cartoons. See Suart in action below, along with some of the other contributions to the conference.

Images courtesy of Sanne Vils Axelsen

CREST Star Project – April 2012

Millgate House Education is excited to announce the beginning of another fantastic project with the British Science Association. CREST Star Investigators is a UK-wide award scheme that enables children to solve science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) problems through practical investigation. The activities focus on a mixture of practical activities and discussion, and encourage children to work independently of adults. This time we are working with Horners to create a CREST Superstar activity on polymers. You can click here to see polymers in action, or here to find out more about our previous work with CREST Star.

Happy Families Showcase – 14th March 2012

Brenda and Stuart attended the Happy Families Showcase to present Millgate House Education’s approach to informal learning strategies. Held at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, it was an event filled with simple, inspiring and achievable ideas for organisations who work with families. From time travelling moustaches to creative chaos, it was a day full of interesting suggestions. Ricky even managed to hunt down a maths problem or two!

For more information on our bespoke informal learning resources speak to Jo on 01270 764314.

ASE Scotland Conference March 2012

Looking for Excellence: Stuart Naylor discusses what makes teaching excellent.

‘Stuart gave an excellent, considered, and challenging keynote at the ASE Scotland event.’ Marianne Cutler – Director Curriculum Innovation, The ASE

Lots of interest in Stuart Naylor’s keynote address at the conference. Stuart presented recent research evidence about what makes teaching excellent. He used a number of thought-provoking activities that illustrated some of the principles he was describing. The audience response was incredibly positive, and this really set the scene for the rest of the day. For anybody who wants to do more reading, Geoff Petty’s book Evidence-based teaching (2009) is probably the most accessible source of evidence. Contact Stuart if you want more information or call 01270 764314 if you want him to do something similar to inspire your colleagues.

ASE Scotland: Science enquiry, sport and fitness.

A fascinating workshop on Science enquiry, sport and fitness at ASE Scotland. It started with Do the tallest people have the biggest lungs, and how would you find out? This provided a lead in to all sorts of interesting scientific questions about sport and fitness, and it opened everybody’s eyes to the range of types of scientific enquiry that children can do in the classroom. Our publication It’s Not Fair was viewed as an invaluable resource to help broaden the scope of scientific enquiry that can be achieved with children. The new set of Concept Cartoons – Talking Sport and Fitness, really got everybody going! Fortunately they come with suggestions for follow up, plus background research that helps you to feel your way towards an acceptable answer.


Ricky Explores… ASE Scotland Science Fair.

This weekend Ricky was very excited to meet Gillian Cooke, who opened the conference with an insight into the life of a world champion bobsledder. He had a chance to speak to Gillian about all the science problems faced by her bobsled team, and can’t wait to do some investigating with his friends.

Bobsled Gillian Cooke Racing Ricky

Ricky also met the University of Dundee racing team, and even got a chance to sit in their racing car! There wasn’t much space but it was great fun.

After his weekend away Ricky is wondering about all sorts of problems. For example, which are best shoes to wear when running on ice, and why did bobsledders in the past tie brillo pads onto their shoes? Why do racing cars have tyres without treads (the grooves that help tyres to grip on the road)? Ricky needs some help! Visit Ricky’s blog for many more sports-related problems and investigations.

Circus Starr – The Circus with a Purpose

Millgate House Education sponsors Donated Ticket Scheme.

As part of our support for local charities we are involved in Circus Starr’s Donated Ticket Scheme. Our sponsorship allows tickets to be given completely free of charge to children through The Donna Louise Trust. This enables underprivileged children and children with disabilities to enjoy a memorable day at the circus.

We have already heard wonderful feedback from children and their families who have been to the circus. It really does seem to be something very special for them. It is great to be able to help again this year!

To find out more about Circus Starr’s work, visit

Australia – Eco Education Festival October 2011

Stuart has just returned from a trip to the Australia Bush. One delegate said: ‘Please pass on our special thanks to Stuart; he was knowledgeable, engaging and inspiring!’

The MHE team have created a brand new unit of work for Eco-Centre leaders to improve Primary and Secondary pupils’ understanding of endangered species. Lyn Beazley, the chief scientist for Western Australia, said: ‘This is a tremendous unit for getting our schools to understand their local environment better.’

The PUPPETS project, developed by Millgate House Education, promotes the use of puppets for teaching science. One character, Ricky, is visiting Australia with Stuart to learn about endangered species with pupils. Ricky has stayed out in Australia, so keep up with the latest explorations and science problems on his blog! Visit

Stuart, Ricky and friends with the staff at The Hills Forest, in the Australian Bush.

South Africa – ASTE Conference July 2011

Stuart Naylor has been in South Africa recently, at the University of Mafikeng where the South African Association of Science Teacher Educators held their conference. He was asked to present two keynote addresses at the conference, and these were well received by the teachers. As one of the organisers said afterwards, ‘I can safely say that your presentation was the highlight of the conference. You skilfully managed to pitch your presentation at a level that accommodated all teachers’.
ASTE ConferenceMafikeng mayor
Stuart giving his presentation and afterwards with the Mafikeng mayor

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